Forverts, 8/1956

man oh manischewitz…

"Can A Dick Joke Launch A Jewish Shoe Business?"  [Read about the launch of ShoesByJews.com here]

It’s important to obey the traffic lights in Israel.  [Via Heebmagazine.com]

When It Comes To Martians, Why Are Jews Falling Behind The Catholics?

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Martian bar mitzvahs now! 
Martian bar mitzvahs now!

And (anatomy-pending) Martian bris-es, too.

Hot New Drinking Game: Jews vs. Nazis! (Where else? In Florida, of course) 

See the full story (and game rules!) at Heebmagazine.com

Here’s John Oliver With Every Single Yiddish Word He Knows

How much Yiddish does John Oliver know? Turns out…not so much

Don’t forget to call your mudder

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